Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6 years a miracle

I wrote about Libby before-the story of before she got here. You can read it here; I won't go into that part much today. Because today is the day we celebrate the miracle that Libby is. [Now, Joe, if you ever read this, don't think you aren't just as miraculous. You were the wonderfully normal and easy pregnancy that produced a wonderfully "normal" and funny and cute kid. We love you! You completed our family in a way that only you could.]

The little girl that no one thought would be born turns 6 today. She is still tiny-a mere 35 pounds-but seems giant compared to the 2 pound 2 ounce little baby that made an appearance 6 years ago, and made out little family of 2 into a family of 3. Her life has not been the easiest-leg braces, physical therapy, and more surgeries than the rest of us combined. But you would never know it from her awesome disposition. She is just a wonderfully cool kid. She has a quirky sense of humor and a tender heart. The other night as I was putting them to bed, I heard her laughing in her room. I went in and asked her what she was laughing about. Her response is classic Libby. "Oh you know, I was being silly with God. I told him that verses come from cheese." And then she melted into one of her laughs and slapped her knee. And God probably was chuckling with her because you can't help but smile when she makes silly jokes (even if it is the same joke over and over).

She loves food, and can easily put away 3 pieces of pizza in a sitting. She will try anything-tofu, shrimp, spinach noodles. I have yet to put something in front of her that she won't at least try. Her favorite food-ribs. She loves school and reading-a quality of mine that I am so excited to share with her. She is a sponge! She loves wearing dresses and being fancy, but isn't afraid to get dirty. I've realized that the best thing I can do for her is to stay out of her way. She has made her own way from the very beginning. And I have no reason to doubt that she will continue to do that from here on out.

Happy Birthday Libby Lou Lally!


  1. She is such a little blessing. We love you Libby!! :)

  2. Happy 6th Birthday Libby!!!

  3. I remember seeing her tiny 2.2 body and being amazed at the little miracle. I can't believe she is six now!

  4. I remember those days... Very much! What a miracle baby! Stupid docs! Gods in control.


  5. I remember those days. Too well. Gods in control. What a miracle baby. (take THAT doctors! ). Happy birthday !


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